• Crossroads Academy Staff


Sam K. Dahlin

Co-Owner & Founder | Admissions Director Sam K. Dahlin, MS, Ph.D., LMFT

Sam received his B.S in Psychology at the University of Utah. He then attended Brigham Young University, where he completed his M.S and Ph.D in Marriage and Family Therapy. Sam has almost 20 years of experience working with adolescents and their families.

Sam spent the first twenty two years of his life growing up in the Bay Area (Campbell, CA). He has been living in Utah for the past twenty years. Sam has also been married for that same amount of time (He followed his wife to Utah). Sam married Melanie, and together they have three beautiful daughters, Haylee (16), Kambrie (14), and Gwen (11). Sam’s family enjoys many outdoor activities together, with snowboarding and wakeboarding as two of their favorites. Sam has been snowboarding since 1989 and wakeboarding since 1997.

Sam is one of the three founders that started Crossroads Academy in the summer of 2007. It has been a dream of his to create a program where young men can learn the importance of working hard, and then playing hard.

Derek Bowles

Co-Owner & Founder | Primary TherapistDerek Bowles, LCSW

Derek Bowles is a founding partner and has been a primary therapist since the inception. He is currently the program director and primary therapist with the Young Adult Program. Derek attended BYU and completed a Master Program in clinical Social Work. Derek and Cariane his wife of 20 years have 3 children. Madison, Myken and Jonah. Derek is an avid fly-fishermen and a mediocre golfer.

Eric Dahlin

Co-Owner & Founder | Business AdministratorEric Dahlin

Eric worked in the high-tech industry for 20+ years, with the last 15 years in Engineering Management with Seagate Technology, a Fortune 500 company, where he earned US Patents and Technical achievement awards.

"Although working in the high-tech field was challenging and rewarding, the decision to leave and start Crossroads Academy was not a difficult one. I have enjoyed working with the youth in my community in both Boy Scouts and church organizations for the past decade. This opportunity to work full-time with struggling adolescents, helping them make positive changes in their lives, brings much more personal joy and satisfaction than anything I could have ever experienced in my previous career."

Eric enjoys many outdoor activities, including wakeboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and scuba diving. He is a competitive racquetball player, sponsored by Head, and passionately believes in the physical and emotional health benefits of proper nutrition and exercise.


Ian D. Feinauer

Primary TherapistIan D. Feinauer, Ph.D., LMFT

Ian has a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University. His research emphasis was on implicit process rules and their affects on adolescent symptomology such as depression and anxiety.

Ian also received his B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in recreational therapy from the University of Utah and a M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Kentucky.

Ian’s clinical experience at the University of Kentucky included working with couples, depression, lower SES families, and juvenile sex offenders and their victims. After completing his masters degree Ian worked at Turn-About Ranch in Escalante, Utah. While at Turn-About, Ian gained an appreciation for the experiential therapeutic potentials of working with adolescents in a residential treatment/ranch setting. He became more interested in working with adolescents and their families. While at Brigham Young University, Ian specialized in working with adolescents and their families, premarital couples, addiction, juvenile sex offenders and trauma survivors. Ian also pursued more training in psychodynamic and developmental theory. This has helped shape his approach to individual issues and compliments his systemic background that is entrenched in family therapy theory. After Ian attended BYU, he sought out a job with and worked for Second Nature Wilderness Program in Duchesne Utah. While at Second Nature Ian was able to truly develop and come into his own as a therapist. He had the opportunity to work with both adolescent boys and girls. While at Second Nature Ian developed a passion for the conceptualization of adolescent issues and an appreciation for the hurdles that youth are faced with in today’s society.

Since Leaving Second Nature in April of 2007 Ian has worked for various programs as well as doing some private practice. Ian was able to run one Residential program for adolescents as well as consulting for and developing two other programs. Ian is excited to be working at Crossroads and has dedicated himself to continued education and skill development both clinically and personally.

In addition, Ian has conducted and facilitated discussions as well as has presented research and theory related to family differentiation and eating disorders, family leisure patterns, family of origin and adult alcohol use, juvenile sex offenders, and the effects of marital quality on individual health at national and regional conferences. Ian has also published papers relating to family literacy, family rules, and family and child well being, and has submitted several publications related to family process rules, the effects of sex abuse on male victims as well as the epistemologies of learning and knowing.

In addition to Ian’s clinical background he also has a degree in Fire Science as he once pursued a career as a fire fighter. He also spent ten years as a river guide in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Besides having a substantial effect on his own life, as a river guide Ian noticed the effects that wilderness and experiential learning has on individuals as well as family systems. This had an effect on him as he pursued his career as a therapist and has shaped his thoughts and feelings regarding change and each person’s potential.

Ian still loves to run rivers, snowboard, wakeboard, ride his mountain bike, rock climb, and eat ice cream. Ian is the oldest of five children and an avid Portland Trailblazers fan. He is fluent in French and loves to travel when he can.


Jason Dalton

Primary TherapistJason Dalton, MS, LCSW

Jason earned a B.S. in Family Science in 1997 and then went on to complete his Masters of Social Work in 1999, both from Brigham Young University. Jason’s clinical experience while at BYU included working at the VA medical Center on the inpatient psychiatric unit and with the homeless population.

He also spent time in an adult substance abuse program. Jason then worked with the Family Support and Treatment Center providing therapy for children, adolescents, couples, and families. Here he was trained in play therapy and sandplay therapy, the latter he has incorporated into his ongoing work with adolescents as an adjunct to individual and family therapy. Since completing his Master’s degree Jason has worked with adolescents in the residential and wilderness treatment settings. After spending over six years working in wilderness therapy Jason has enjoyed returning to the residential setting and working with Crossroads Academy since 2012. These prior residential and wilderness settings have enriched his perspective of the unique opportunities that Crossroads Academy provides students and families in their ongoing work.

Prior to Jason’s clinical experience he worked with adolescents in a variety of community and treatment program settings since 1993. Jason has a great love and appreciation for adolescents and the struggles that are unique to this stage in life. For over 20 years now he has been working with adolescents in the community through work and other adolescent focused groups. This has been a natural fit and his own life has been greatly influenced by the many wonderful young people that he has been able to interact with. In his clinical work he enjoys drawing on his training and education, as well as his personal experiences while he works to understand each student and their individual struggles and strengths.

The outdoors and recreation have always been a powerful part of Jason’s life and he has spent a lot of his time in pursuit of these activities. “When I was about 10 or 11 I put on my first pair of skis. These were the red plastic one’s that you strapped onto your snow boots. It wasn’t much, but it was a start and I remember the magical sensation of sliding down a hill on skis. It has been a passion that I have pursued since that day. Skiing has provided a great opportunity to connect with family and friends, to challenge myself physically and emotionally, and to develop a sense of mastery while having a great deal of fun.” Being on a bike has also been a natural part of Jason’s life. He has been riding a bike in some form or another for most of his life. Whether skiing, biking, or hiking, and usually taking a lot of pictures along the way, Jason has found a place for connecting, serenity, curiosity and exploring, as well as challenging himself in the great outdoors. He enjoys the many opportunities to incorporate these same principles in his work with the students who come to Crossroads Academy.

Jason loves spending time with his wife Melanie of nearly 20 years and four daughters. He has learned a lot of patience teaching each of his four daughters to ski. They spend as much time as possible in the winter up on the slopes as a family. He enjoys supporting his wife and daughters in their own pursuits around dance and the arts as well. As a family much of their time is spent outdoors exploring, working, sharing and connecting.

Matthew Dahlin

Primary Therapist | Clinical DirectorMatthew Dahlin, MS, LCSW

Matt Dahlin has worked with adolescents and their families in both residential and outpatient settings, and has been involved in the field of mental health since January 2007.

He received his Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Weber State University, where he volunteered and did research with low income youth to help establish a safe place for kids and teens to be after school. Coincidentally, while working on his Bachelors Degree, he also worked at Crossroads Academy as a Direct Care Staff. This proved to be of great benefit experiencing many aspects of the kid's daily lives and connecting with them while participating in all of the recreational activity, academics, and daily living. Matt then left Crossroads in 2010 to pursue his Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work at Brigham Young University. His emphasis was on working with individuals with substance abuse problems and unhealthy family dynamics. After finishing his Masters Degree, Matt worked in an outpatient facility with teenagers and families. From there he went on to work with adolescents at the Oakley School and eventually becoming the Assistant Clinical Director, before joining the team at Crossroads.

Matt has experience working with adults in Substance Abuse Residential Treatment Centers, as well as doing crisis work and assessments at the Utah State Prison, but he is most passionate about working with adolescents and their families. One of the reasons Matt cares so much about working with teens is because he believes that they are at a very crucial turning point in their lives, and that they have such great potential to better their own futures.

Matt specializes in treating cognitive distortions, oppositional defiant behaviors, and addictive behaviors, as well as restructuring families, creating healthy boundaries, and teaching emotional regulation. Matt's primary modalities are cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution focused therapy. He finds that as he assists adolescents in gaining self-confidence, as well as establishing their own values, they then begin to live much happier lives. "It's no secret that adolescents don't like being told what to do, but I believe with the right guidance and a strong relationship, they can begin to establish a healthy version of who they want to be. This guidance and relationship is a cornerstone to what Crossroads allows to take place. The adolescent will begin to feel different about their choices, and at that point, internal change has begun to take place."

Born and raised in San Jose, California, in early 2007 Matt moved to Utah at the age of 22 to continue to pursue his goals of helping others. He has lived in Utah ever since, and loves all that it offers. When not with the boys of Crossroads, he loves being with his gorgeous wife Val and his two beautiful little girls, Berkley and Cecelia. Depending on the season, he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, volleyball, watching football, and is usually up for any type of competition. But there is no denying, he really misses the days of scuba diving out in California.


James Seabrook

Primary TherapistJames (Jamey) Seabrook, MS, CMHC

James received a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy from Syracuse University and a Master’s degree in mental health counseling from the University of Pennsylvania. He is licensed as a clinical mental health counselor in the state of Utah.

James grew up in New Jersey and at 17 years old, and attended a wilderness program in Utah. Afterwards, he attended a therapeutic boarding school in Utah for the duration of his senior year of high school. These experiences laid the foundation for his desire to work in the field of mental health, specifically wilderness and residential treatment for adolescents. The experience was life-changing and has inspired him to be a part of these interventions, professionally, for adolescents and families in need.

He studied psychology and philosophy as an undergraduate and afterwards decided to move back to Utah to work as a wilderness staff, with the intent of “paying forward” the experience he had in the wilderness as a teenager. James worked as a wilderness staff for two years before taking some time off to hike across Spain solo. Afterwards, he worked as a staff in two residential treatment centers for teenagers in Utah.

James returned to school to study mental health counseling at the University of Pennsylvania. During his time at school, he completed a year long internship as an assistant wilderness therapist as well as a year long internship as a therapist in a private psychiatric family practice. Following graduate school, James returned to Utah to work full-time as a wilderness therapist for teenagers and young adults.

He believe in the power of the great outdoors to not only heal, but to invigorate lives. Utah provides abundant opportunity to create meaningful outdoor experiences in some of the most beautiful scenery there is. James has found that treatment in this setting can produce qualitatively different outcomes than more traditional settings.

In his spare time he enjoys snowboarding, lacrosse, football, playing music, making art, traveling and spending time outdoors.

Nik Chertudi

Primary TherapistNik Chertudi, MS, CMHC

Nik Chertudi has a bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. He is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, CMHC.

He has worked for the past 18 years in a variety of settings giving him great depth, knowledge and understanding of your sons emotional, physical and scholastic needs. Nik has worked with youth and families during the past 18 years helping them increase greater communication, personal connection and guiding the parenting process which can be challenging at best. Nik has worked with families of youth suffering from ADHD, depression, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder and many other emotional stressors. Nik has great experience getting to the root of the problem to work on issues from the bottom up to allow greater understanding as to why the problem exists and how to move forward and resolve the issues that present to youth and their families. Nik has 10 years experience working at a correctional facility with young adults who suffer from dual diagnosis of substance abuse and mental health disorders. There he assessed, diagnosed and treated their mental health related issues to get to the root as to why they had turned to substance abuse. There he also understood the treatment and difference of so called recreational drug use vs attempts to self medicate through substances and reasons for such including undiagnosed mental health needs.

Nik is a husband and father of three children. He has been married for 20 years and enjoys spending time with his family. He married Melissa and some years later had Andrew 15, Savanna 13 and Claire 8. He enjoys spending time with his family boating, camping and hiking in the summer and snow skiing and snow shoeing in the winter. He enjoys Japanese koi /pond keeping and working on his bonsai collection. He studied martial arts for much of his life and has 5 black belts. He taught youth martial arts for a time as well. Nik also enjoys skateboarding. He is often seen longboarding with his son Andrew.


deven west

Primary TherapistDeven West, CSW

Deven received his Bachelors of Social Work from Weber State University with an emphasis in Psychology. During that time, he had the experience working with individuals struggling with substance abuse and chronic mental illness.

Deven received his Masters of Clinical Social Work at Walla Walla University in Missoula, Montana. In Montana, he has worked in the role of psychotherapist working with adults, teens, children, and families struggling with substance abuse, family relationships, and mental health. Deven has experience working with individuals in group settings such as AA and NA and individual and family therapy sessions. He has worked alongside families of teens struggling with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and other mental and emotional difficulties.

Deven creates a productive and safe therapeutic atmosphere while operating in primary modalities of Family Systems, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. He is committed to helping young men at their personal crossroads to assist, guide, encourage, and navigate their recovery and discover their own healthy identity for meaningful and productive lives. He finds that when others process the effects of substance abuse and family relationships it can have a great impact on recovery and connection with young men and their families. His approach is assisting young men with developing healthy coping mechanisms, strengthening positive cognitive narratives, and improving communication of expectations. He assists young men develop emotional connectedness with staff, peers, and family members to produce a meaningful and productive means of the family system.

Deven is a husband and has been married to Randee for 8 wonderful years. They have 3 fun (sometimes silly) and beautiful daughters named Ella, Indie, and Ava. He enjoys mountain biking, longboarding, snowboarding, and other outdoor adventures. He grew up wrestling and playing football and naturally loves to play sports and games with others. Deven loves to listen to podcasts and audio books and learn more about the human experience, history, life, and the world all around. He enjoys creating meaningful relationships with others and learning more about what makes them unique.


Dakota Bone

Primary TherapistDakota Bone, LCSW

Dakota received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Weber State University and a Master’s Degree in Social work from the University of Utah. He has been involved with Crossroads Academy since 2014.

Dakota’s approach to therapy is founded on relationships and positive lifestyles. He has extensive experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. “Sometimes change can be a scary idea for parents and teens, and I believe that when a young man has a chance to experience positive relationships and a healthy lifestyle first-hand, it opens the door for positive change.”

Dakota grew up in Eden, Utah where he enjoyed his time in the mountains and local reservoir. He has always loved being active and outdoors. He learned the value of hard work from his many summers painting houses for his father’s company. He was involved with high school sports and is an avid Utah Jazz fan.

In 2014, Dakota became part of the crossroads team as a direct-care staff. He enjoyed it so much that he pursued a degree in Social Work and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. After obtaining a Master’s Degree, he worked as a therapist for adults and families with substance-use disorders as well as mental illness. He was heavily involved with a court program designed to reunify children with parents who have drug-related charges. Dakota was later offered a position as a primary therapist at Crossroads Academy, and he loves coming to work every day. He is the proud father of an English Bulldog, Finn.


mike mein

Primary TherapistMike Mein, CMHC

Mike has over 15 years of experience in the mental health field. He specializes in working with adolescents by creating a therapeutic alliance with clients built on authenticity.

After graduating from East Stroudsburg University, Mike began his search for a career in the outdoors working as a counselor at a wilderness therapy program for juvenile offenders in Florida. Impassioned by his experience in Florida and seeking to improve his clinical skills, Mike joined the Second Nature Entrada team (now Evoke at Entrada) in 2007 and worked as a field instructor for three years before returning to school to pursue a graduate degree in counseling psychology. Mike received his M.Ed. at William Paterson University in Professional Counseling. During graduate school, Mike worked at a community mental health agency where he split his time between the family counseling program and the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC). After graduating, he worked as a wilderness therapist for over seven years.

Mike is known for his high energy, creativity, and ability to build rapport. These qualities allow him to break through barriers and reach clients effectively. His approach is built around the therapist-client relationship. Adolescents who are often turned off by traditional approaches appreciate Mike’s authenticity. The therapeutic alliance Mike is able to cultivate provides the support necessary for self-exploration, reflection, and acceptance. This skill also allows Mike to utilize confrontation and generate growth through discomfort. Mike’s focus on empowering his clients maximizes the effectiveness of his therapeutic interventions.

Mike works well with impulsive, defiant, aggressive, and substance-using adolescents. He works from the model that these conspicuous behaviors tend to camouflage deeper issues often related to identity development, self-esteem, trauma, and peer and family relationships. Mike excels at addressing these behaviors while exploring the underlying causes. His enjoyable and engaging nature matches well with the adolescent male population who benefit from a healthy balance of hard work, intensive therapy, and fun.

Mike is an avid distance runner who loves running in the beautiful Utah mountains. He used to play guitar in a punk rock/rock & roll band, and although his days of bright lights, roaring crowds, and big stages have long since passed, he still enjoys plugging in once in a while and reliving the dream. He is also an avid sports fan, some of his favorite teams being the NY Giants and NY Knicks. Mike was a graffiti artist for many years and enjoys all kinds of creative expression.


Nate Barrus

Substance Use Disorder CounselorNate Barrus, SUDC

Nate has almost 15 years of experience working with Adolescents . He started his career working at the Heritage school in Provo, Utah in 2000 as a direct care staff. During his time at the Heritage school he became house manager for 14 teenage boys and staff for his last two years.

In 2004, Nate completed the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment training program at the University of Utah. After his completion he began working at the Oakley School. At the Oakley school Nate had a great opportunity to help the Clinical Director create a recovery program for a 120 students.

In 2008, Nate's passion for action sports and the impact he saw it have on young people when they found "natural Highs" led him to Crossroads Academy. Shortly after joining the Crossroads team he gained intensive training with Dr. Robert Schwebel creator of the Seven Challenges program. He became a certified Seven Challenges Trainer and has found passion training other staff and working with the boys individually.

When Nate isn't at work, he is spending time with his family hiking, camping, traveling, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

tyson fielding

Substance Use Disorder CounselorTyson Fielding, SUDC

Tyson joined the Crossroads team late 2015 as an intern striving to achieve a long time dream to be a Substance Use Disorder Counselor.

In 2016 Crossroads officially offered him a position as staff continuing to earn his bachelor’s degree in Human Services through the University of Phoenix with a concentration in addiction and substance use disorders. After a long time of hard work and dedication his dreams became reality as he became a SUDC for Crossroads.

His entire life he has lived a very active lifestyle from playing soccer, competing in Judo Nationally and teaching the youth competition Judo to the local community, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. When Tyson found Crossroads Academy he knew this was the place for a career in helping others. As a person that learned the hard way about substance abuse as a teen, Tyson have a special place in his heart about helping others facing similar challenges. Through his own experiences he learned that through replacement he was able to find joy in life without the use of drugs or alcohol and loves seeing young men find their own healthy lifestyle.

Today, when he is not helping others, Tyson enjoys sharing his active lifestyle with his wife and two boys in pursuit for discovering their passions.


Cindy Thurgood

Education CoordinatorCindy Thurgood, MS

Cindy's objective at Crossroads Academy is to better prepare your child for his future by attending to his schooling and career aspirations. She works closely with Northridge Learning Center/Dorius Academy to ensure communication between student, therapist, staff and parents.

Cindy coordinates ACT/SAT registration, tutoring, and college tours. She oversees the Education Supervisors at each individual house and the education team works to keep the students progressing, learning, and planning for future options.

She studied Recreational Leadership at BYU-Idaho as an undergraduate and still actively participates in all things outdoors. Cindy regularly hikes, backpacks, skis, climbs and road bikes. She furthered her education studying Experiential Education at Minnesota State University - Mankato. There, Cindy applied her background and skills teaching outdoor recreation to a classroom setting. She is devoted to relevant learning and strives to make it a part of Crossroads Academy. Foremost, she love working with young people and using the outdoors as a learning platform.

Micky Knapton

Recreation Director & Sports InstructorMicky Knapton

Before joining Crossroads, Micky was a Mechanical Designer in the Silicon Valley working for Johnson and Johnson in the research and development dept. In addition to mechanical design, Micky has professionally taught skateboarding to a wide range of students.

Ranging from first timers to professionals such as Nyjah Huston, several of his students have gone on to become sponsored skateboarders. Micky is the designer of the Crossroads skate park, along with all the skate features at all the Crossroads properties. If a boy that attends Crossroads is interested in learning these skills, they are given the opportunity to work with Micky on such projects. Every ramp, rail, or park made for crossroads, has incorporated the new skills of a student with Mick as teacher. Because of Micks mechanical background, he has taught these valuable skills to the students such as wood and metal works, welding, fabrication, design, analytical cost of materials, team work.

As well as being the recreational director and teacher, he is also the CPR/ First Aid and PCS certified instructor for the staff at Crossroads Academy. Micky is also the designer and co-owner of the The Skateboard Tool company. This company’s team riders include professional skateboarders like: Steve Caballero, Jason Adams, Caswell Berry, and Louie Barletta.

"Over the years, board sports have been my escape. These are sports that constantly challenge us and have helped provide me with a healthy escape from the pressures and trials of life. I have used these sports to help overcome my own personal struggle with substance abuse in my adolescent and young adult years. I believe that it is imperative for anyone who is trying to conquer hardships and/or addictions in his/her life, to have some healthy form of escape-an activity that is good for the body and soul. For me this escape has always been boarding. Boarding sports have helped me replace the bad with the good, and provided a way to keep the world from conquering my spirits in dark times. I have been fortunate enough to see this type of escape also work in the lives of many of my students. I still get Christmas cards/letters from grateful parents and students of years past. I love this work. It has been very rewarding to see the positive changes in the lives of these awesome youth! Now as a parent, I understand more fully the importance of good role models, good friends, and healthy escapes in the lives of our children."

Malinda Twede

South House SupervisorMalinda Twede

Malinda wants to live in a world where you get to snowboard fresh powder and golf in the same day. As a Crossroads House Manager, she puts years of business management skills to use with her desire to create opportunities for her students.

When she’s not snowboarding, golfing, camping, mountain biking, fishing or playing a friendly competitive game of pickle ball with her family and friends. You can find her at the theater enjoying a bucket of popcorn and critiquing the latest in films. One of her favorite things about working with the Crossroads students is being able to help teach and share some of her passions and hobbies. She wants her students to experience something new, learn a new hobby, develop new skills, get their first job and experience joy in healthy pursuits. To her it is the best feeling to see a student that thought they would never be able to do something or get any enjoyment out of it, and then to see him smiling and enjoying something that they never thought possible. Seeing a student get that genuine feeling of self-accomplishment and the impact that one thing has on other areas of their lives. “Its really cool to witness. I love it!”

Hunter Taylor

East House SupervisorHunter Taylor

Hunter Taylor has been with Crossroads Academy since 2013. Hunter grew up in the Ogden area, has enjoyed exploring all it has to offer and is engaged in helping the community and his neighbors.

He likes to involve the boys in service opportunities for individuals and community to feel what it is like to focus outwards on others to make a difference in their lives. Hunter and his staff focus on maintaining a healthy structure at the house to support success in the boy’s education and development of life skills. He shows his interest in each of the boys while getting to know them better individually.

Having overcome serious injuries and challenges in his own life growing up, Hunter can relate to the boys and can speak credibly to the benefit and consequences of different choices. He enjoys spending time with his family and is admired by his nephews and nieces who love the time and attention he gives them. His constant companion is a handsome Golden Doodle named Rusty.

Hunter is still a natural thrill seeker, if something is fast, loud, challenging, or cool, he is there! His adventures include winter sports, boating, scuba diving, road course car racing, riding motocross and street bikes. When not driving or riding them, he is spinning wrenches on his and friend’s motorized toys.


Coultin Porter

North House SupervisorCoultin Porter

Coultin graduated from Weber State University with a bachelors in Communications. Coultin has a passion for the self-discovery, and "natural highs" that skateboarding provides, and loves to share it with teens struggling with addiction.

In addition to skateboarding, Coultin loves exploring the mountains, loud music, traveling and spending time with his wife and twin sons.


Kenneth C Russell

Young Adult SupervisorKenneth C Russell

Kenneth Russell has been a valuable team member since 2007. He is able to relate to young adults through his outstanding talents on any kind of board.

Ken loves interacting and sharing his passions of skateboarding and snowboarding and feels it is a great way to build relationships and express oneself in a positive manner. Ken is a loving husband and a great father to his two children. You can usually find them on the boat at Pineview Reservoir or up at Snowbasin ski resort enjoying everything that Ogden valley has to offer. Ken works just as hard as he plays. From teaching students how to paint an apartment to how to change brakes on a vehicle, Ken has the skills and knowledge to complete the task at hand. Ken is a great role model that young adults can aspire to be through hard work and a positive outlook.